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  • Google content accuracy?
    Google content accuracy? Content Accuracy or Content they want? is now going to rate content on websites base on accuracy! I can't see why this is required? I think people can determine who they prefer to listen to without help from Google. Is it really help that Google is giving? After all a company as powerful as Google being in such a position can be a major propaganda tool. I can't see that this is a good idea…
    Written on Thursday, 23 April 2015 20:17 in Hot Topics

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  • PirateBay causes many problems
    PirateBay causes many problems Torrents that maybe everywhere A problem took place with one of our servers at CW3 Web Hosting. A reseller had created an account for a client which then canceled the account some time later. The account was found to have 235 torrents in a folder. The reseller having been also the website designer didn't delete the account. So it seems for years unnoticed this account was part of thepiratebay inventory. But because their website (…
    Written on Thursday, 23 April 2015 20:16 in Hot Topics

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