About Us

NetBizCity started in March 2001 as an idea to help other website owners find resources to promote and develop their projects.

It was first created as a custom written website in ASP running on a windows server.
Netbizcity was later converted to DNN (Duke Dot Net) and again to Joomla version 1.X using a custom theme.

It has gone through two major upgrades of Joomla and we have finally taken our custom tools and brought them into Joomla.
It's been many years since we first started it and are looking forward to many more years.

NetBizcity is dedicated to bring to our visitors the best resources to build, promote and fine tune Your Website.
We offer tips on what to do to get better ranking in search engines and to solve scripting problems.
Plus we give our opinion of tecnical trends, products or software both current and new.
If we don't have it we provide links to hand picked tools, software and other sites of value.

We morphed our website and added an excellent blog software where we will hope to increase our appeal and make it easier for other fine writers to join us in helping others. If you are an expert in Web Design or Computer Systems and wish to write articles for NetBizCity we will soon have this setup.

Websites presently owned and operated by CW3 Web Hosting:
Netbizcity.com,   httpsend.com,   click4choice.com,   cw3host.com2-surf.net,   CW3WebDesign.com,  CW3domains.com