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Tuesday, 10 October 2006 01:12

Spam Filters - Friend or Foe?

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Spam Filters - Friend or Foe?

Spam filters by filter services are no longer the way to go for Hosting companies. These filter services will do more harm than good.

Many Hosts install on their servers filters provided by free services.

The biggest problem with these is they are not working and due to the many ways spammers gain control of a system they will often black list victims of hijacking or other abuse by hackers/spammers instead of the spammer.

Is it proper to black list a server where 200 web sites are effected when one account has had it's email form hijacked?

Services such as, blarsbl, jammdnsbl and many others are not reliable due to the above or are just not kept in good working order. Spam is a problem and when these types of services first hit the scene they looked like a perfect solution. But as time went by absolutely irresponsible people got into this game and 70% of these services are out of date, broken or run by people with vengeance in their heart. One such service has a de-listing Fee of $5,000! while another threatens to black list your server permanently on repeat offences. Is this the way we solve a problem? Beat up the Host and force him to beat up the client? If not we will force you out of business!!! To avoid this mentality the best solution for a host is to do nothing other than provide a tool such as Spam Assassin. Let the client decide how to deal with Spam!!

Spam is at an all time high right now and will get worse as time goes by. There are too many email forms out there for hijackers to use plus hackers have reached a point where every server in the world is under attack every day to the tune of 300 or more attempts to break in. This is a huge number and it's growing! My guess is at the present course we will have tens of thousands of servers broken into daily in a few years as hackers go unchecked by law officials.

We the public can not stop spam with a sledge hammer! There is a way to stop spam but it requires government officials or those in control of the domains to black list owners and remove the domains from service. Without a domain a spammer is dead in the water since he has no where to send people and nothing to sell! Under the present system website owners that pay out the cash to send spam will just continue to do it no matter what it takes or who gets hurt! They will offer big bucks to hackers or hire many workers in third world countries to send out this spam. Law officials seem to think these problems are not important. They seem to feel it's a minor crime. Hackers roam the internet freely with no one going after them. The government seems to feel hacking is a security problem and blame the security people when systems get hacked. The internet is a virtual world much the same as the real world. If Governments took this stand in the real world we would have no police on the streets. Buildings would be surrounded by high walls with security systems everywhere. Just think about what your streets would look like if there were no police force. As in the real world the virtual world needs a police force to keep order in the virtual streets. Hackers must face 5 year minimum jail terms and domain owners that send out spam must have their rights to the domain revoked.

I suggest hosting companies form together to put a stop to this filtering system and push to force those in power to come up with a system to remove offending domains from the Web.

Vincent G.

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