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Saturday, 08 June 2013 08:31

Advertising on Facebook

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Is Facebook a Failure when it comes to Advertising

We really never did much with social websites up until now but it seems our first experience with Facebook was an eye opener!

It seems Facebook somehow suspected I was not me and suspended the account.
Now that is an understandable thing as we do have to stand vigilant on Credit Card fraud.
But after seeing how their system works I canceled the Ad account.

As an advertiser I expect to be able to have immediate contact with the company I am spending my money with.
This is not the case with Facebook.

After searching on this issue I see people saying "yes facebook is hard to contact - after all it's free and you get what you pay for"
Well I'm sorry in my case it's not free and this is no way to treat a paying customer.

Due to this I have to say Facebook is not a place to spend money on advertising if they can just shut down your Facebook page anytime they please for what ever reason.
Due to the fact you can't contact them right away I say this is not the place to spend your money. .

Imagine you spent $1,000 on ads and they shut down your page because they think Aliens from Andromeda have invaded your account .  Are they going to refund the $1,000?

What if you think there is click fraud?

Facebook advertising is a bad idea until they wake up and hire people to represent what they are selling. It's called customer support.

Vincent G.


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