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Saturday, 22 June 2013 19:36

The Cloud has got you

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Do you have Complaints about  Windows 8

Well don't expect Microsoft to worry about it much. The agenda is clear and your going to have to use what they tell you to use. For one thing is for sure and that is the Cloud has you and there is no escape.

Just what is the Cloud and why worry about it?
The Cloud was a plan hatched by Oracle almost 20 years ago where they wanted to eliminate PC's and replace them with work stations. A PC which had no hard drive or drive of any kind. This was their dream to lock users into paying for software. Oracle and many others have been working towards this goal for over a decade.

The downside of this pay for play is you no longer matter. They have you captured into a world they control and you either pay the monthly fee or you are cut off.
This is not my idea of freedom not only to use your PC as you want but also freedom on the internet also.

With the current system we have there is plenty of free software but what if they changed the market to make it so easy for big companies to force you to pay for software?

Ah yes that 20 year old dream just may come true as the majority are sleeping while the Cloud creeps in. Guess  you can say most have their head in a Cloud.

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