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Thursday, 04 July 2013 15:44

Avoid Scams

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How to protect yourself from a Scam

There are many scams on the internet and I will list just a few of them to teach you how to best avoid them. First I will make it clear on what the methods are that scammers use.

Scammer prey on those that are in financial problems!

Why do they do this? Because if a person is in financial trouble they are easy prey. It's easy to try and convince someone that all they need do is follow what the scammer is saying and all their troubles will be over. This iperson s called a sacrificial lamb.

There are many variations of this type of scam. The most popular are the scams from Nigeria where you are promised a large sum of money if you help someone transfer 100 million dollars from that country. But these scams can be in many other forms and can be from scammers right in your own country. A poor woman that fell for such a scam that is serving a jail sentence for embezzling money from the company where she worked. She thought she would pay it back as soon as the 100 million was delivered and she got her fee.

One scam I have seen was one which a person wants you to setup 100 computers for them. They will send you the computers and you will set them up and ship them to where they instruct you to send them. You will be paid quite well for this and think you are doing great until the police show up at your door.

Another is a great investment opportunity is shown to you and this person somehow seems to like you and has made promises to put you in charge of something. You think that this is great and since you have nothing this can't be a scam. Well you better think again about this as you may not have anything but you were not singled out for what you have but for those people around you and what they have. The way that works is at some point you are told that a money person backed out of the deal and without that money they can't continue. It's not a very large amount and of course you feel horrible as your promised new job is about to disappear before it even had a chance to appear. So you think  your relative which just so happens to have this money sitting around and if you convince your relative that this would be a perfect solution to the problem.
And if you did that you would be dead wrong as this really was nothing more than a con by a professional Con Artist and it was the person you knew that was the Mark all along.
A professional  Con Artist targets the prey and the prey is called a Mark. You are just a stepping stone to that person.

So to avoid a Scam you have to first face up to your problems as there is no quick fix.
And should you be a person that has a relative or friend that has fallen for a scam and is coming to you to convince you to invest in this Scam you better call the police right away.
It's not going to be easy to convince your relative that this is a con game but the police will help.

Con Artists almost never go directly to people that have money. The sacrificial Lamb makes it easier for them to get away. This puts distance between themselves and the person that they steal the money from. It also makes it harder to charge the Con Artist with a crime since there was no direct contact with the mark.

The bottom line is there is no one that will give you money and there are no investments that pay off big. If you are down and out you have to dig your way out of what ever mess you are in as there are no quick fix to such problems.

Vincent G.

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