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Thursday, 23 April 2015 16:15

Website Hacking at a all time high!

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Website Hacking is becoming a big problem.

We have just upgraded our website to the latest version of Joomla.
The following day the traffic went up ten times the normal.
At first I thought this was great. I thought it was from search engines looking over the new stuff.
This was not the case.

It seems hackers somehow know when a new install of Joomla has happened.
This may also be true for Wordpress but I can only speak of my experience.
The number of hackers was what surprised me all working together at the same goal.
These hackers must have some place where they share info as to have so many hit a site at once is no coincidence.
I have a development website also where we test changes prior to applying them to the live site and it too was hit.
These people must have a way to know a new install of Joomla has taken place.
Either a Bot or somehow a way of getting this info from Joomla's Website.

The page they all hit was the login page.
The countries they came from was:
Russian Federation  14,494 visits
Ukraine  9,954 visits

Our site was hacked once long ago when we were running Joomla version 1.5
We failed to upgrade it and had to restore the site and upgrade it.
After upgrading to version 2.5 we not only keep it upgraded but also have a brute force plugin installed.

If you are installing Joomla or any other application for the first time be sure to use strong passwords.
Change the default user of "admin" to something else.
Install the Brute Force plugin.

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