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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 06:18

Is Flash Dead?

Is Flash Dead?

The quick and short answer is yes.

Website owners are recommended to not use Flash for several reasons.

Flash does not add to the user experience!

Getting error messages that Flash has crashed restart your browser is not a experience users want.

Turning off does not help as the errors just keep coming! One would have to set the browser to not activate it or reset the browser to it's original initial settings. Few users know how to do this.

Flash does not work on Cell Phones.

Anything that can be done in Flash can be done with HTML 5!

I can not see a valid reason to use it on any website and for those that have it they should think about getting rid of it.

HTML 5 is the way to go if you want happy campers on your website that will return over and over.

It's our opinion that flash is an outdated technoligy that is no longer needed.

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