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Tuesday, 08 April 2014 13:02

Is it time to Upgrade Windows XP

XP support is Over

What does this mean?

Should we hide our PC's from the world?

It's not all that bad really. With XP on the shelf of the many outdated OS's hackers will no longer care about XP. I doubt you will run into any problems a decent Anti Virus app could not handle. But if you can no longer get an Anti Virus that works on XP then that could be a problem.

Should you wish to upgrade it to Windows 7 or Windows 8 then all you need do is follow these instructions.

First check to see if your PC can run Win 7 or Win 8

Get the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

Or get the Windows 8 or 8.1 Upgrade Assistant

If the hardware and hardware drivers pass then you can upgrade.

Upgrading your XP PC to Window 7 or Windows 8 to either 32 or 64 Bit

Do you have a PC that is running Windows XP but don't want to have to re-install all your Apps in Win 7 or Win 8. 

Do you want to move to the Faster 64 Bit version of Windows?

Yes that's correct these tools will get you up and running in 64 Bit Win 7 or Win 8.

We have all the tools you will need listed here in this article.

First are you getting a new computer or are you upgrading an existing one?
In either case there are two software solutions that work.

If you only have one or two applications to install on a new PC or on your upgraded old PC we suggest not to try to use either of these applications.

But if your installed applications are large in numbers or take very long to install then these tools are what you need.

If you are upgrading and installing a lager Hard drive:
EaseUS Partition Master

This tool can resize and copy partitions.
The cost is low and the free version is quite good.
Western Digital offers a free version of Acronis which can be found on their website which can be also used.
But this tool has more features and does a great job.

Revo Uninstaller



Zinstall XP7

First let’s look at the difference between the two products, PC-Mover and Zinstall.
PC-Mover is lower in cost and will move your applications into your new OS.

Zinstall costs more and runs your applications in a virtual XP OS
It does not install the applications in the OS.
For this reason I do not recommend it.
But if you have an application which cannot run any other way and you must have it then Zinstall maybe a good solution.

PC-Mover works well and all your applications will be moved over.
You may experience problems with some applications which cannot be solved and worse cannot be removed with Windows Uninstall a program.
This is where the Revo Uninstaller comes to the rescue!
If you have an app that can't be repaired or removed then the Revo Uninstaller will remove it.
For all other applications you have problems with run the application repair if it exists or re-install it.

After you fix up any applications that didn't move over smoothly your done.

Follow these steps to be sure you have no problems.
1. Backup your PC
2. Make a copy of all PST files in your Outlook Folder.  ( they may need to be copied to a different location in Win 7 or Win 8 )
3. Run PC-mover ( old or before upgrade PC )
4. If an in place upgrade - install new Windows as recommended in PC-Mover help doc.
5. If a new PC or after a new OS install and run PC-Mover ( new or after upgrade PC )

Worse case is you revert to backup and your back on windows XP.
But from my experience it works well and yes you will have some problems but nothing that can't be solved.

If you have an office with 10 or more computers that need to be either replaced or upgraded then this is the way to go for sure.
After the first few you should have it down pat as to quickly resolving the problems for the remaining computers.

Hope this helps

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