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Blog your way to better ranking

Blogging To A Better Search Presence

Chances are good that you follow several blogs on a regular basis.  In fact, you’re reading a blog post right now.  And if you’re like a great deal of folks, you’ve probably even written a few of your own blog posts or at least added commentary on a blog or two.  Blogs are catchy and usually fun to read, after all.

But did you know that blogs are also an incredible way to create a thriving search engine presence?  It’s true, it seems that blogs have quite a competitive advantage for several important search engine visibility producing results.  In fact, optimized blog posts are notable for:

  • How quickly they show up in a search engine’s results.  A quality well-targeted blog post from a moderately popular blog is often indexed and live in the search engines in just a matter of hours—not days or weeks.  It’s actually rather amazing!
  • Being ranked and listed for terms where creating a traditional static web page would end up with way to much competition to show up in a timely fashion (or at all).  While they usually don’t stick around in the search results quite as long as a static web page would, blogging is a great way to keep a fresh, up to date web search presence.
  • Attracting all kinds of natural free incoming links.  In the blogosphere, it’s friendly and customary to share and give back. This means that other bloggers and blog commenters will freely add a link to your blog or blog post from one of theirs if they find it appealing.  In the world of traditional static websites, you would practically have to beg, borrow, and steal to get links so easily!

And these are just a few remarkable benefits of blogging to improve search presence.

Here’s How To Make Blogging Work...

Blogging is not difficult, but there are a few things to consider in order to achieve the maximum possible benefits:

  • Optimize for a keyword.  Many think that writing a blog post is just a matter of sitting down in front of the keyboard and rambling.  This is not the case—just like any type of writing, presenting thoughts in an organized way is always best.  By keeping a certain topic or keyword phrase in mind while planning a post and writing, you’ll be naturally targeting the post for better search-ability.
  • Blog regularly and blog often.  You don’t have to do several posts a day, or even a week for that matter.  But it is important to stick to a predictable and regular schedule for both your readers’ sake and for the search engines to become accustomed to your regular postings.
  • Put your blog on autopilot.  For most of us, coming up with the time to write good posts on a timely basis is just not very realistic.  Consider hiring professional web optimization writers to handle your blogging for you.  It requires zero effort on your part, and the payoff is practically unlimited when it comes to growing your site’s targeted traffic.

Blogging is here to stay—partially because readers love it and partially because the search engines love it.  How could it be any better than that?

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Computer infected with Spyware?

Follow these steps which has a 95% success rate of removing spyware and adware.

Your first line of defense is a good Anti Virus software.
Most Antivirus programs are commonly available in two forms.
The first form is Antivirus and the second is Internet Security.
The Internet security version replaces the Windows Firewall with their firewall.

I personally just use the Antivirus form as I see no advantage to having some additional firewall.

For Anti Virus I recommend either Kaspersky or McAfee.
If you have either make sure they are updated.

There are two types of infections that most PC users wind up getting.
One is Spyware / Malware and the other is Adware.
The difference is Adware just adds popup and other ads to your browser making browsing the web a bit of a nightmare.
The others cause your PC harm by various methods. Some claim to be Antivirus programs which is telling you your PC is infected.
Also it tells you if you send them X number of dollars it will remove the infections.
Of course it is a scam and hope if it happened to you that you didn't fall for it?

Even the best Antivirus applications can't block everything out there.
If you are not careful and take your PC where no man has gone before you are bound to find some bad boys.

To fix your problems should you have fallen victim to one or more of these unwanted infections follow these two steps.

Step 1.
 Download SuperAntiSpyware from
 There are a few different versions to choose from.
 If you want to try it out then choose the free version.
 I although would suggest the portable version where you can used when needed.
 The portable version runs on a USB Memory stick or a CD.
If you install it on your PC then first go to system tools / preferences and uncheck start superantispyware when windows starts.
Also uncheck Enable real-time protection if you purchased it.
These may cause problems with your Antivirus application so best to disable them.
 After downloading and installing your choice of versions run a full scan.
 At the end of the scan have it remove all infections and allow it to reboot the PC.


Step 2.
  Download AdwCleaner from

  I don't know why there is no official website for this software but I prefer sites that don't force you to install anything else on your PC.
  The two sites I give links to require no software to install and do not require you to register with them.
  After you download it run the application as it does not seem to install on your PC.
  It has a uninstall button but I cannot find any place where it installs anything nor does it place a shortcut or menu item on your PC.
  So I am assuming it installs nothing on your PC.
  At the end of the scan it will have a check boxes next to items it finds.
  Go tab by tab to see if anything it has listed is something important to you.
  For all other items make sure they are checks and then click Clean.
  Check off everything it finds unless it's something you wish to keep.
  Click on the Cleaning button and when it's done again you will need to reboot.

After you run these two on your PC it should be clean of all bad boys.
If you still have problems then repeat running both again but this time do it in safe mode.
To get into safe mode reboot your PC and tap the F8 when you see the PC is booting on your screen.
If you can't seem to time hitting this key at the right time then use msconfig to get into safe mode.
On the first tab you can change it to Diagnostic Startup which is safe mode.

Run SuperAntiSpyware first and then AdwCleaner.
To get back to normal mode again run msconfig and set it to Normal Startup.

Lastly I again remind you that an up to date Antivirus software is your first line of defense.
Just removing the infections is not enough - you also need to bar the doors.

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