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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 16:52

Promote Your Site Locally

Think Local For These Six Easy To Score Incoming Links

Incoming links are not always easy to obtain!  Fortunately, search optimization experts are really good about finding and securing plenty of quality, appropriate links to help build your site’s link popularity ethically.  But there is one way in particular that you can help move the process along, right from your own neck of the woods.

More often than not, local organizations are eager to help out fellow organizations and businesses within their own communities.  This means that asking for a link will often receive an automatic “yes” response.  Here are 6 great places to start...

  1. Chamber of Commerce – That’s right, if you’re a member already, be sure you’re website’s link is listed at your local Chamber of Commerce web directory.  Almost every Chamber organization offers this as a little membership perk.  And if you’re not a member already, you should seriously consider joining—the rewards are well worth it!
  2. Convention & Visitors Bureau – Most communities have one.  If you provide a service or benefit to the community, and especially if that service might apply to those visiting your community, this is a win-win proposition.
  3. The Local News – Here’s a thought...the news is always looking for possible stories that involve the community.  If your business is finding unusual success during the current recession, or if you just have a unique story to tell, inform the media via PR or perhaps even a simple phone call.  Be sure to give them the link to your website so they can share it along with the news story.
  4. Local Only Directories – Chances are, your web optimization strategy includes promotion to several important global-audience web directories.  But have you forgotten to look up the local online directories?  Even most small communities have one—see if you can score a link with yours.
  5. Provide Testimonial – This works great nationally too, but it works especially well locally.  Contact a few of the businesses you contract with on a regular basis and offer to provide a short testimonial about the merits of the service or product they offer for them to freely post on their website.  It’s not unusual at all for a link back to your site to be included with such a testimonial.
  6. Better Business Bureau – Providing your customers with assurance is just one respectable reason to become a member of the BBB.  Another reason is that your local area’s organization will probably give a link to your site from your profile on their site.

Again, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious.  Don’t forget about asking for links according to these six tips and also from any other organizations you might be involved with.

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