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Thursday, 23 April 2015 16:17

Google content accuracy?

Content Accuracy or Content they want?

is now going to rate content on websites base on accuracy!

I can't see why this is required? I think people can determine who they prefer to listen to without help from Google.
Is it really help that Google is giving? After all a company as powerful as Google being in such a position can be a major propaganda tool.

I can't see that this is a good idea or is needed at all.
Why is it they seem to want to target content rather than false advertising?
Why not lower the rank of all these Hosting companies that claim to give people unlimited space and transfer?
Or SEO companies that claim to put you on the first page of Google?

Ralph Nader

There are so many false claims by companies and no one takes them on.
There seems to be a lack of people out there like Ralph Nader who was a champion for the consumer for many years.
And here we have Google who for whatever reason seems to think it knows best what political views you should have or what conspiracy facts are in their mind factual.


I hope the new CEO of Google has a better take on this then the not so bright people that seem to think this is required.
After all if some people want to believe that men from Mars built the Pyramids or that some planet X is heading towards earth that is their right to believe what they want.

What makes America a great country is our right to believe whatever we want to believe.
And if a view is popular Google has no right to try and downplay or squash it.
After all that's something dictators like to do and Americans don't like dictators!


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