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There’s no need to be afraid of Twitter. Let’s face it, micro blogging can be a really great way to build buzz and even to generate traffic and build a stronger customer base. But while it’s a perfect way to competent your website, it’s just not going to come anywhere close to replacing it. Why not?
Search Engines Aren’t Likely Going To Index A Bunch Of Random Micro Posts Well
Web optimization professionals all know that the backbone to building great search rankings is building a solid website full of targeted niche information. While the little blurbs offered by micro bloggers can indeed be catchy, helpful, and sometimes even informative, they are just not organized well enough or comprehensive enough to make a noteworthy impact with the search engines.
When the search engines do pick up on Twitter profiles, it looks like most of the results listed will be supplementary to an organization’s website. Remember, this can only help your website succeed by offering additional exposure and catching potential new visitors that might not find you otherwise.
Micro-Blogging Is Not Going To Replace Traditional Blogging
Blogs have proven to be one of the most reliable tools in a website’s traffic building arsenal. They provide information, offer “sticky” content to visitors, help develop trust with customers, and are a fantastic way to share news and updates. Micro blogging might present a little bit of competition for that last aspect—sharing news and updates—but other than that, the long format of standard blog posts just provides more of a resource to convey your site’s important messages.
And the best thing about traditional blogs is that we already know that the search engines love tightly-themed, regularly-updated content on websites. Blogs provide plenty of fresh new material for the search engines to index, but most importantly, for your visitors to read. The less than one short sentence format of micro-blogging provides a nice lead to attract visitors to a site’s blog itself, but other than that, long-form blogging remains the bread and butter.
So, Should You Use Twitter For Your Organization?
Absolutely! Again, the unique catchiness of the micro blogging platform is a fantastic way to draw serious attention. Many businesses are finding great success using their Twitter presence to reach out and offer customer and product support. With a little research and creativity, there’s no doubt that using Twitter can be an incredibly effective success tactic for your business.
That said—it’s only going to help your website, not make it obsolete!

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