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Friday, 25 July 2014 17:07

CloudLinux - what is it?


Although it's named CloudLinux it is not a Cloud!

What is CloudLinux then if it's not a Cloud system?

It was designed to limit resources for CPU, Ram and more in much the same way it's done in a Cloud system.

For Hosts that advertise Unlimited this is a perfect solution.

They will not limit your Transfer or Space but will make it so your site can only use this much Ram or This much CPU percentage and so on.

Things it will allow them to limit are Concurrent –°onnections limits, CPU, Memory, IO, Number of Processes and a MySQL Governor to top it off.

So if your Website is not available due to it exceeding any one of the above it's due to CloudLinux.

I can not see why we need this other than to continue to Lie to people by telling them they have unlimited everything but under the hood they use CloudLinux to clip your wings.

They only good feature with it is the ability to have older PHP versions available to use.

But this too has a downside for users as older PHP versions are a security risk.


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