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Monday, 18 April 2016 15:53

Looking to reap the most from your website?

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LiveAdmins LiveAdmins

The best tool to reap the most from your website.

Having looked over LiveAdmins I can say this mining tool along with their live chat does it all.
The power of LiveAdmins is it's ability to give you contact info of those people visiting your website.
Lets suppose that a client visits your site looking for info but never contacts you.
They did although leave their foot prints and with that info LiveAdmins can tell you who it was and what their email address and phone number is!
Well with this info you may have the ability to taylor ads to target their IP address or you can pass it on to your telemarketing people.
Most companies have fixed or what's called static IP addresses and due to this that IP address can be looked up to see who owns it.
The info given not only covers who owns the IP but also covers all known business email contacts and phone numbers.
Not all IP addresses will translate to complete information on who stopped by as only those using a business account with their ISP will be avalable.
For those visitors that visit your site using a personal ISP, home account verses a business account, it will only show who the ISP being used.
No other info will be displayed which is due to home accounts having IP addresses always changing.

In addition to the fantastic ability to garner all that info from visitors they also offer Live Chat. This helps catch a person on your site and trys to comunicate in hopes of selling your product. The Live Chat team is well trained, has basic knowledge of your business and will answer to the best of their ability. For questions they cannot answer they will ask the person if they would like someone to call them back.
When there is a business opportunity LiveAdmins will contact you by Voice mail, Email or SMS.

If you have a mothly budget to cover the cost of this service I think it's well worth it.

Contact us for info on setting up your site with Live Chat from LiveAdmins.

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