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Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:55

Wordpress and Joomla DIY websites

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DIY Website Builders DIY Website Builders

Using Wordpress or Joomla as a Website builder is now becoming a choice for those that want a simple easy website solution.
Unlike the many services out there that offer website builder services both Wordpress and Joomla are coming up with solutions that maybe a better way to go.

When you signup with a service like Wix or Squarespace your website is locked in with there company.
The site can not be moved without redesigning it as the site is built using their system.
There is no export ability as that would not be good for their business.
Those companies will not make it easy for you to change.
This is not good for one major reason - what if the company you signed up with goes out of business?
If no one takes them over your totally out of luck and no longer have a website.

A better solution to total ownership is build your site with either Wordpress or Joomla!
Both are just as easy to create pages as you will see in the videos below.
Another advantage to a Hosted solution is you get email service with it.
The only downside is that they need maintainence every so often for upgrades and patches.
But should your Web Host not be to your liking then moving your website is easy to do.
In fact you new host might even help you to move it.
So the cost of extra time required to run the upgrades is well worth it for the advantage of having email and total ownership.

Ok so lets start with Joomla first. Developers prefer Joomla for it's flexability and structure.
For first time users it will require a bit more time to learn as the cost of flexability is a longer learning curve.

The different builders available for Joomla are as follows:
Quix is a powerful builder
It supports all frameworks and when using Joomla a framework is suggested to use to avoid version upgrade problems.
A good framework will allow you to upgrade to a new major version without destroying the theme used.

Two others are JSN Pagebuilder and JoomlArt

Wordpress has several popular builders.

Beaver Builder, Divi and Nexusthemes

With Nexusthemes you pick a design from the many themes they support.

Beaver Builder and Website Builders


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