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Tuesday, 06 July 2004 22:00

Search Engine Submission Guide Facts

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Search Engine Submission Guide Facts

Do any of these questions apply to you?
I submitted to xyz Search Engine and don't see my listing
My listing shows up but none of my keywords brings up my site
My title is clipped - I can't see the full title

These are pretty common complaints by many who have just submitted to the Major Search Engines

For these and other topics we will look into what to expect from the Major Search Engines.

First let's start with when to submit a site.
Many suggest you wait till the site is finished as to suggest you are developing a site on the Internet.
A pro does not develop a site in this manner
Development should be done on your PC or in a directory / Sub Web which is excluded in your robots text file.
Simple HTML can easily be created on your PC while more complicated applications will require a local Web Server
Windows supports PWS for older Windows versions and IIS for Win 2000 and XP, which are easy to use and setup
As soon as your pages are uploaded to your host you should submit!

Things to double check before you submit:
Keywords, Title and Description - make sure you have these right!
Double-check them using any Meta Tag Checker!
For your Title be sure to use a keyword phrase - this will get you main keyword listed.
The SE's will use your title first and you will have a searchable keyword within double quotes right away.
For instance - Best Used Car Deals - as a title can be found by searching "best used car deals"
Page Content - Be sure to use your most descriptive keyword within your content.

The Title is very important so spend time on it and don't worry about clipping.
Some SE's will clip a title over 60 chars long - so get the main message within the first 60 chars

Now we get to what to expect from the Engines.
Don't expect results over night even if you paid a fee to be listed.
It takes up to 3 weeks or more for your site to be listed on a free submission
Unless you went for Pay Per Click it will take up to 10 months for your keywords to surface!
This is an important fact - so if you constantly changing your keywords or Title you will prolonging the process!

Now as to the submission - follow the guidelines for each engine!
Google does not want you to submit second level pages!
What they do if you don't follow the guidelines is unknown
My rule is simple - don't upset someone who is helping you!

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