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Pinnacle Cart Simple Slider


Pinnacle Cart Simple Slider

A simple slider setup for the Pinnacle Cart using the popular Nivo Slider which can be installed fairly easy. To add or remove images just add or delete the image files from the images/slider folder. Images display in sort order by name.
Slider images auto size to display area and are set to auto rotate every 7 seconds or the user can hit the Next or Prior buttons.
It can be customized but would require a PHP programmer to alter the slider appearance and fade style. Slider CSS files and sample images included.
Requires only copying files to your install location and adding the tag {slider} to the template home.html page or by adding the tag in Cart Designer.
Submitted On:
14 Nov 2015
File Size:
342.25 Kb
GNU General Public License
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File Author:
Vincent G.
Submitted On:
14 Nov 2015
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