CW3 Form Mail

CW3 Form Mail

CW3 Form Mail blocks Hijacking attempts and now also Blocks Form Spam.

New Features added!

  • File upload / Email
  • Re-populate filled in input fields
  • Set required on any input
  • Set it to email itself

Our script uses filtering to block the code the spammers use to hijack your mail service.
The spammers IP address is captured and can be email to you on each attempt of hijack.
More than just this filtering it checks if the form was run on your site or on a local Spammer's PC!

You can set the script to not require a person enter an email address so that what they fill in will just be sent to the email address you set. This can be useful to create a questionnaire where you may have a Job questionnaire or some other type that you wish to setup in your company.


Random code generator with image display to make sure spammers can't access the form.

This new feature blocks Bot Spam. Spammers never stop finding ways to get to you. We stay on top of the latest methods they use and come up with solutions to stop them dead in their tracks. The code generator can be set to display a Graphic as is shown above or just have a hidden field with a coded random number. Either way it is set will do the job and stop Bot Spam completely! To use the Graphic feature GD with Freetype support is required on your server. 

Many new feature have been added to make this a versatile one script solution for any email form you wish to create.

This is the only email Form on the market with all of these features and it has been tested in both Windows and Linux Servers. 

And it's still open source which is Free to use.

CW3 Form Mail

You can download this Script from our download page or at any of your favorite Script Download Sites such as:

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