Faqmaster Flex Plus

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Version 2.0

The popular Faqs App overhauled:
FaqMasterFlexPlus is database-driven web-based application for creating and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and now it does it better.

Customizable Header and Footer to allow matching the design of your website.

Downloads available in our download section under the PHP Section.

New Features

  • Standard Login method that works no mater how PHP is setup on your server
  • Language files provided - French and English
  • Changed code to use Form Post submit to avoid the max string length for a URL Address.
  • Added config setting to display Faqs in Pop-up or New Page.
  • Easy Install Screen
  • Converted to MySQLi
Faqmasterflex without Popup Faqs
Faqmasterflex with Popup Faqs



  1. Create a MySQL table, preferably faqmaster, then copy and paste SQL from faqmasterflexplus.sql info with your favorite GUI SQL tool (phpMyAdmin).
  2. Open faq_config.php and change MySQL connection variables. Make certain these variable are correct! Most errors are a result of incorrect MySQL server name, MySQL user name, or MySQL password. Also set your language here - enter either french or english
  3. To Create a new language file - name it "language name".php example ( for spanish - spanish.php ) - you must also change the $lang= to $lang="spanish" Edit the new Spanish file making proper tranlations for each line within the Quotes only!
  4. Upload contents of FaqMasterFlexPlus to your web server.
  5. Login to your Admin Section using:
    Username: admin
    Password: admin
  6. Now change the admin password! from your Admin Screen! Otherwise, that's it!
  7. To upgrade from the original FAQMasterFlex first copy your config file to faq_config.bak
    Then just copy all files to your original installation.
    If this your version 1.6 or older then Run the SQL upgrade script in your favorite GUI SQL tool.
    Enter the proper information in the new "faq_config.php" file.
    Login as - admin admin  - and change the default password
    In an upcoming version we will have the ability add and delete users


  • Lost Admin Password
    Run the sql script faqmasterflexplus_upgrade.sql which will reset the user back to the default with the default password.


Javascript Error on faqs question answer screen.

Faq Answers displays wrong answer.

This has been fixed in version 1.52

Version Notes:

Version 2.0
Added Install screen to simplify the install process.
Converted to MySQLi

Version 1.9
Added Admin screen functionality.
Ability to change language and ability to change Faq display style.

Version 1.8

Updated SQL install script

Version 1.7

Added feature to allow faqs to display in same window or in a pop-up.

Version 1.6

Fixed Security issues
Fixed non-secure login - moved login user info to Database.
Added multi Language support - current languages are English and French
Additional languages can easily be added
Added Windows Support
Fixed edit screens to use POST which allows use from deep directory structures 
For any support issues use our contact page.

   Faqmasterflex Plus